Month: May 2019

Sowing the Seeds of Success: 3 Elements of Strong B2B Influencer Relationships

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Effective B2B influencer marketing is rooted in building lasting relationships. The premise is simple: When brands invest time, effort, care, and money (when it makes sense) to cultivate partnerships rather than one-time or “on-my-terms” engagements, industry influencers and experts are far more apt to do the

Side-Stepping the Summer Slump: 5 Tips for B2B Content Marketers

Summer is coming. For months we’ve been dreaming about barbecues, sun-filled vacations, long weekends at the lake, and the glorious start of summer office hours. It’s so close. via GIPHY But for B2B marketers, summertime often means distracted or out-of-office target audiences, prospects, and customers. We marketers may even sneak out of the office for

Self Expression is About Other People

The modern business world is all about conveying a lot of information digitally for those times when you can’t be face to face with your customer. It is the perfect opportunity for a massive company to bring a down-to-earth personable set of interactions to people who they hope to serve, and it’s a chance to