How Do You Absorb Information Best?

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    I just released a new episode of my podcast, the first in a little while. Just before I hit record, I decided to also record it as a video show (and I use the term “show” loosely as it’s just a multi-camera talking head thing). But I did it for a reason. Some of us prefer to read text (like this). Others prefer audio because they’re on the go. Still others prefer video so they can watch when they have a moment to absorb something new.

    How do YOU absorb information?

    That’s the video (embedded above, if you can’t see anything, maybe click here.) I used that same video to create the audio player below:

    It’s essentially the same thing, but for some of you, audio is the way to go. For others, it’s all about the video footage. Still others prefer text and only text. (Obviously, if you have a hearing or sight impediment, you’ll align your preferences accordingly.) Which is it for you?

    Should you produce material for all the various media types?

    This becomes interesting because ultimately, this can be as simple as what I did: record once and split off the audio file. But that creates a challenge.

    • People prefer audio lengths of 20 minutes or more.
    • People prefer video lengths of 10 minutes or 20 tops.
    • People only want to read for 300-500 words tops.

    If you create something ONCE, you either have to make your videos twice as long as preferred or make your audios half as long as preferred. The (nearly obvious) trick for making this still work is as follows: shoot a 10 minute video, peel out that audio, dump it into GarageBand or Audacity, and create another 10+ minutes of content to go with it. THEN you have what you can go with.

    Oh. But wait. There’s a frequency issue. People PREFER daily videos. They are tuned for weekly podcast episodes. Can you create daily videos and weekly podcasts? Sure. But then you’re going to have to mix and match your production methods a tiny bit.

    Should you even be thinking this way?

    Yes. That’s the short answer. People want to consume your content where they want to get it. I offer a YouTube channel, a podcast, a blog, and an amazing newsletter. Why? Because I need to reach my buyers where they are. I’d do the same for clients (and have). It’s a powerful way to make it all happen.

    So, what’s it going to be for you?




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