Five Can’t-Miss Sessions from Virtual Pubcon 2020

Lee Odden Speaking at Pubcon

The one silver lining in our current reality is the “virtual event.” Sure, we’re all stuck at home, but at least we can have several entire marketing conferences beamed directly to our laptops. 

Granted, there’s a distinct lack of cocktails and networking opportunities. You have to supply your own drinks and try to convince your own pets to follow you on LinkedIn (currently mine are still mulling it over). 

Two dogs, one white, one ginger colored

“Sorry, we only have Facebark.”

The latest conference to go virtual is industry stalwart Pubcon, celebrating its 20th year. This search-centered event never fails to round up fascinating speakers with a ton of experience in search and content marketing.

Here are my top five can’t miss sessions for Pubcon’s Virtual 2020 Conference.

Keynote: How to Optimize Marketing Experiences with Influencer Content

Speaker: Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing
Salon A
Time: Thursday, October 15th, 1:00-1:40p (All times Central.)

Our team at TopRank Marketing, under Lee’s leadership, has been perfecting the art and discipline of B2B influencer marketing for at least a decade. Now, fresh off of our 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing, Lee’s ready to take strategic, sophisticated influence to the next level. It’s all about CSI — no, not David Caruso in sunglasses, but Content, Search and Influence working together to drive ROI.

Human-Centered Keyword and Content Strategy

Speaker: Elmer Boutin, SEO Director, GTB
Salon B
Time: Wednesday October 14th, 11:10-11:40a

SEO isn’t about writing for robots anymore; it’s writing for the way humans search and trusting the robots to keep up. This session promises to teach how to create a content strategy for human-centered CEO, including metrics and measurement.

Google Keynote 

Speaker: John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google
Salon A
Time: Wednesday October 14th, 9:00-9:40a

When Google talks, marketers listen. The tech giant never gives away too much of how their algorithm works, of course. But we’ll take whatever we can get. John has over a decade of experience at Google, so his perspective on search trends is sure to be well worth your time.

Developing Eye-Catching Content: Five Timeless Lessons from a Pandemic

Speaker: Phillip Thune, CFO, Textbroker International
Salon B
Time:Wednesday October 14th, 2:30-3:00p

The pandemic didn’t create the need for high-quality content. But like so many other changes, COVID-19 highlighted and magnified that need, and it’s causing marketers to re-evaluate their content strategy. In-person sales conversations and trade shows are off the table. Marketers are cranking up their content production — which means it takes something extra to make your content stand out from the rest. Phillip brings a consultant’s eye to the problem with his session.

Conversational UX, AI and Chatbots

Speaker: John Lawson, CEO, ColderICE
Salon A
Time: Wednesday October 14th, 1:50-2:20p

What does SEO look like when there’s no longer a SERP? Voice search and chat are the next frontiers for intrepid marketers. This session promises to address the shift from visual to voice, including what the big movers and shakers are doing and how marketers can keep up.

Stunning Insights Are Virtually Assured

Tune into Pubcon 2020 for all of the above and more, and keep an eye on the TopRank Marketing blog for highlights and takeaways. 

What sessions are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

Prepping for #Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018: 11 Presentations We’re Looking Forward to Most

Pubcon Pro

Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018 — the search marketing industry’s longest-running conference under the same name — will soon be upon us, and TopRank Marketing will be there speaking and giving you a diverse selection of live-blogging and social media coverage throughout the October 17 – 18 event.

Our chief executive Lee Odden will be a featured main-stage speaker on Wednesday, October 17 from 3:55 – 4:50 p.m., while senior account manager Tiffani Allen and I will be covering the event by liveblogging sessions and sharing useful tips through our social networks.

You can read all about Lee’s much-anticipated presentation in our “Learn to Grow Influence and Trust in Marketing with Lee Odden at #Pubcon Pro 2018” piece, and then dig in and get the inside scoop on 10 of the top speakers who’ll be presenting at Pubcon, in Lee’s “Stop Gambling with Your Marketing and Go Pro with Tips from Ten Pubcon Pro Speakers” conference preview and guide.

Pubcon Pro

We’ll be attending all of the major Pubcon keynotes, featuring Google’s Gary Illyes, Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi, and Mindset Digital’s Debra Jasper, and finally Pubcon Pro’s AMA Panel Closing Keynote.

Here are the sessions we’re looking forward to most, many of which will be liveblogged:

Roger Dooley
Neuro-Conversion: Science-based Ways to Sell More and Spend Less
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 10:30a 11:30a

Ashley Ward, Brian Mcdowell, Dave Rohrer
Data-driven Content Marketing Audit
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 11:35a 12:30p

Rob Woods, Bill Hartzer, Prashant Puri
Advanced SEO Auditing
Date Thursday October 18
Time 2:30p 3:30p

Susan Wenograd, Jim Banks, Dave Roth
Facebook Advertising
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 10:30a 11:30a

Joe Youngblood, Marty Weintraub, Bryant Garvin
Mining the Facebook Machine
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 11:35a 12:30p

Purna Virji
Microsoft: Optimizing Customer Experience in the age of Conversational AI
ate Wednesday October 17
Time 2:55p 3:50p

Lee Odden
5 Secrets to Growing Influence in Marketing
Date Wednesday October 17
Time 3:55p 04:50p

Lee Odden Speaking At Pubcon

Ashley Ward, Erik Stafford, Mark Traphagen
Storytelling and Social Media Messaging
Date Thursday October 18
Time 10:05a 11:05a

Scott Monty
Social Media 2018 – This Time, It’s Personal
Date Thursday October 18
Time 11:10a 12:10p

Lisa Buyer, Michelle Dvorak-Held, Adam Proehl
What’s Working and How to Audit Your Strategy
Date Thursday October 18
Time 1:00p 02:00p

Adam Riemer, Kevin Doory, Dixon Jones
Advanced Link Building and Outreach
Date Thursday October 18
Time 2:30p 3:30p

We’ll See You At Pubcon: Live-Blogging Coverage

This will be my 19th Pubcon*, which is always a unique event that draws a great number of speakers and attendees who don’t attend any other industry conferences. This is due in part to a combination of Pubcon’s more informal and networking-friendly atmosphere and it’s deep roots in the search marketing world, stretching back to Pubcon London in 2000 and earlier.  (*I was Pubcon’s lead editor for a decade.)

We look forward to seeing many of you in person at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018. Keep posted for live-blogging throughout the conference, and in the meantime you can follow us at @toprank  as well as @Tiffani_Allen and @lanerellis on Twitter for even more timely daily news. Also, don’t miss the full video summary on our TopRank Marketing TV YouTube Channel.