10 Must-See Sessions at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2020 #MPB2B

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MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2020 will be the center of the B2B marketing world this week, as many of the world’s leading B2B marketers gather virtually on November 4 – 5 to learn and exchange the industry’s latest research and insight.

This year’s first-ever virtual edition offer a vast array speakers and sessions relating to all areas of B2B marketing, and while we’ve already shared our handy list of “25 Top B2B Marketing Influencers To Follow In 2021 #MPB2B,” we also want to provide you with a list of some of the sessions that we’re most looking forward to this week during #MPB2B.

Here are 10 sessions that stand out to us as must-see presentations as we head towards 2021 and beyond.

Speaker: Rani Mani, Head of Global Employee Advocacy, Adobe*Rani Mani

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 11:50 a.m. Eastern

Rani will take a close look at the numerous advantages of long-term commitment in the would of B2B influencer marketing, and “why you need to stop using influencers as just billboards and mouthpieces, and instead tap into their unique skills and talents,” along with sharing what it takes to build passionate and enduring influencer relationships.

Learn more from Rani in her interview with our CEO Lee Odden, “B2B Influencer Marketing Interview: Rani Mani, Adobe,” and in “20 B2B Influencer Marketing Pros to Follow from Top Brands.”

Speaker: Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Ann-Handley

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Ann will examine the elements that B2B marketers can combine to create memorable and successful newsletters, including proven tips and examples that specifically focus on how the pandemic has affected email newsletter marketing.

“Come to this fun, inspiring session intervention to hear how to write one that gets fantastic results, and not squander the clear opportunity we all have,” Ann notes

Learn more from Ann in her interview with Lee, “B2B Marketing Spotlight: Ann Handley on Being a ‘Badaxe’ Marketer.”

Speaker: Tim Matthews, CMO, HackerOneTim Matthews

Time: Thursday, November 5  — 11:45 a.m. Eastern

Join Tim for an insightful look at the power of YouTube in B2B marketing including its strength reaching target buyers, increasing awareness, along with setting demand generation targets — plus a look at the platform’s unique SEO challenges and opportunities.

“Most B2B CMOs know YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google. Yet most phone it in when it comes to treating their YouTube channel as a serious marketing channel. That’s a mistake,” Tim suggests.

Speaker: Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing, ContentlyJoe Lazauskas

Time: Thursday, November 5  — 12:20 p.m. Eastern

Joe will use neuroscience as a lens for more clearly seeing what it takes for B2B marketers to create memorable and engaging content, with an examination of Steady State Topography (SST) and the new science of “branding moments.”

He’ll also share a proprietary study and other B2B marketing insight surrounding the creation of truly memorable content.

Speaker: Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank MarketingLeeOdden

Time: Thursday, November 5  — 12:55 p.m. Eastern

Our CEO Lee will share his latest insights into building a successful B2B influencer marketing program, including new data from the industry’s first State of B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report, in which hundreds of marketers were recently surveyed to identify strategies, tactics, best practices, and predictions for the future of influence in B2B.

Lee will explore what this data reveals and how B2B marketers can best use it to implement a successful influencer program.

“60% of marketers don’t have the knowledge to execute or have the right skills in house to implement ongoing influencer marketing programs. And yet, of those that do engage influencers, 96% feel they are successful. Discover what they’re doing that can help you get your influencer programs working for your brand,” Lee notes of this must-attend #MPB2B session.

Speaker: Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder, Trust InsightsChrisPenn

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 1:35 p.m. Eastern

Christopher is set to share how B2B marketers can best gain insight from analytics, including a look at which areas are important to measure and which may not be worth it.

“You’ve heard the adage, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure.’ But in a world of ever-increasingly complex data and confounding circumstances, what if you’re not even sure what to measure,” Christopher asks — one of numerous B2B marketing analytics strategy questions he’ll tackle in his #MPB2B session.

Speaker: Tyrona Heath, Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute, LinkedIn*Ty Heath

Time: Thursday, November 5 — 2:10 p.m. Eastern

Ty’s keynote presentation is set to reveal three mega-marketing trends along with key macro-trends that will endure — and which B2B marketers will be able to count on — over the next decade.

“Discover how you can recalibrate your marketing strategy by following the key macro-trends you can count on for the next decade,” Ty notes.

Speaker: David Meerman Scott, Fandom Strategist, FanocracyDavid Meerman Scott

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 11:00 a.m. Eastern

David will deliver a keynote presentation showing how making business personal can be among the most powerful business strategies you can implement, and he’ll also explore the process of creating the type of fandom he’s written about in Fanocracy.

“Creating fandom isn’t just for actors, athletes, musicians, and authors. Fandom can be rocket fuel for any company or organization that chooses to focus on inspiring and nurturing true fans,” David notes of his #MPB2B keynote session, in which he’ll also present examples from a variety of businesses and organizations that have incorporated newfound passion to create fans and achieve success.

Speaker: Ashley Zeckman, Senior Director, Inprela CommunicationsAshley Zeckman

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 4:45 p.m. Eastern

Ashley will guide B2B marketers on a journey to create more meaningful experiences in a virtual world — a journey that’s more important now than ever — including sharing how businesses can stand out and achieve strong results despite today’s world of diminished brand loyalty

“Brands across the globe have done what they can to continue to drive revenue and service customers, but something is missing: the human connection,” Ashley notes of her #MPB2B session, which will also examine how B2B marketers can best maintain ongoing connections and create meaningful experiences with teams, customers, and industry experts in our increasingly virtual world.

Speaker: Pam Didner, B2B Tech Marketing Consultant & Author, Relentless PursuitPam Didner

Time: Wednesday, November 4 — 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Pam is set to share some of the best methods and hidden opportunities that B2B marketers can implement to support their sales team, along with looking at why greater aligning with your sales team is vital when it comes to quantifying your marketing’s ROI.

“For complex sales or when selling technology, content that showcases the technology and product benefits can be key to moving prospects through the sales funnel. In the era of digital and social selling, marketers can use existing marketing elements to better engage and support sales,” Pam explains, an area she’ll expand on in her must-see #MPB2B session.

Join Us Virtually at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2020!

We hope you’ll join us virtually for these 10 must-see sessions during MPB2B, and for the many additional stellar presentations that will take place over November 4 – 5, for B2B marketing insight to drive your efforts well into 2021 and towards the post-pandemic future.

Also be sure to keep posted for live-blog coverage here on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.

* Adobe and LinkedIn are TopRank Marketing clients.

12 Must-See Sessions at MarketingProfs B2B Forum #MPB2B

MarketingProfs operates on the belief that learning changes lives. And from that perspective, it might be fair to suggest next week’s B2B Forum will be a life-changing experience for those in attendance, because there is a whole lot of learning in store.

Dubbed by MarketingProfs as the “most let’s get down to business but not take ourselves too seriously while doing it marketing conference on the planet,” B2B Forum brings together many of the brightest minds in the industry around a singular focus: improving. The well-rounded agenda on tap will run the gamut of vital topics in the modern B2B marketing environment, offering opportunities to improve by learning from foremost experts and leaders in the field.

These 12 sessions, in particular, stand out to us as must-see attractions amidst a schedule brimming with brilliant business minds. 

12 Must-See Sessions at This Year’s B2B Forum

#1 – Through the Looking-Glass: Enter a New World of Always-On Influencer Programs

Speaker: Ashley Zeckman, Senior Director of Digital Strategy, TopRank Marketing

Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from noon-12:45 p.m.

Don’t be late for this very important date. Our Senior Director of Digital Strategy will guide you through a Wonderland-themed exploration of ongoing influencer engagements, and the mutual value they can provide. You’ll learn how to develop an always-on influencer program and avoid falling down the rabbit hole.

#2 – Dessert & Development: The Truth About Personalization

Tom Treanor, Arm Treasure DataSpeaker: Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing, Arm Treasure Data

Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 1:35-2:15 p.m.

The larger a company and its audience, the greater the challenges involved with scaling personalization. As Arm Treasure Data’s* Global Head of Marketing, Tom has seen many of the struggles and successes on this front experienced by enterprise organizations around the world. The benchmarks and insights he’ll share promise to be useful for businesses of any size.   

#3 – Dessert & Development: ABM Nirvana — Reaching the Buying Committee at Your Target Accounts

Peter IssacsonSpeaker: Peter Isaacson, Chief Marketing Officer, Demandbase

Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 1:35-2:15 p.m.

Understanding the nuances of buying committees is critical for B2B marketers everywhere, and is being increasingly emphasized in the age of account-based marketing. Being able to reach these committees with relevant and timely messaging is of the essence, and new waves of technology are breaking down the barriers. Demandbase’s CMO will enlighten us on what’s happening and what’s coming. 

#4 – How to Create a Messaging Framework That Resonates

Pam DidnerSpeaker: Pam Didner, B2B Tech Marketing Consultant & Author, Relentless Pursuit

Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 2:30-3:15 p.m.

We often have only a small amount of time and/or space to communicate the value of our product or service to those who can benefit from it. It’s crucial that we make the most out of these opportunities with a message that makes an impact. As one of the top B2B tech marketing consultants in the biz, Pam knows how to align value propositions with customer pain points, and will share some of her best tips. She’ll even provide templates you can put to use right away. 

#5 – The Secret to a Truly Measurable Content Strategy

Speaker: Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker, The Content Advisory
Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 3:30-4:15 p.m.

Content can feel like an ambiguous frontier, and as a result, it tends to be managed haphazardly. Even the most seasoned marketers and sophisticated organizations fall into this trap. Through his work with the Content Advisory, Robert has witnessed this phenomenon in many different settings, and he’s helped plenty of companies work through it. He’ll show you how to treat content as a scalable and measurable business model.

#6 – How to Combine Account Based Marketing and Social Selling on LinkedIn

Speaker: Ty Heath, Global Lead of The B2B Institute, LinkedIn

Time: Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 4:45-5:30 p.m.

LinkedIn* is a key fixture in the evolution of modern B2B sales, enabling reps to become more personalized, insightful, and relationship-driven in their outreach. When converging this approach with ABM fundamentals, you create a powerful engine for business development. Ty will break down the research and lay out a six-step framework in her session, and you can prime yourself for it by checking out her recent B2B Spotlight interview with Lee Odden.

#7 – Tale of Two Tech Companies: Scaling a Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Program

Speakers: Konstanze Alex, Director Global Enterprise (B2B) Influencer Relations and Digital Storytelling, Dell Technologies; Janine Wegner, Global Though Leadership Program Manager, Dell Technologies; Amisha Gandhi, Vice President of Influencer Marketing & Communications, SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 8:45-9:30 a.m.

Both Dell* and SAP Ariba* are on the cutting edge of enterprise influencer marketing, so any time their leaders talk about the subject, we tune in. Alex, Janine, and Amisha will dish on what it takes to create cross-functional partnerships and scalable influencer content, while coloring their insights with real-world examples. 

#8 – Content Marketing Fitness — 10 Exercises to Build Your Marketing Beach Body

Lee OddenSpeaker: Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 11:00-11:45 a.m.

It’s just as true in the world of marketing as it is in the world of fitness: shortcuts don’t work. The keys to both sustained weight loss and marketing results lie in cutting out bad habits and committing to an effective regimen. TopRank Marketing’s CEO will guide you through 10 marketing fitness exercises that can whip your strategy into shape.

#9 – The Importance of an Audio Strategy for B2B Marketers

Speaker: Tom Webster, Senior Vice President, Edison Research

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 1:30-2:15 p.m.

Anyone who’s paying attention to content consumption trends can see the shift from text to audio. Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity while smart speakers and voice assistants become increasingly prevalent. Edison Research’s SVP will draw from his experience working with clients like Audible, Spotify, and Pandora to sound off with best practices for a B2B audio strategy that delivers.

#10 – Account-Based Marketing: New Insights and Best Practices for 2020 

Jon MillerSpeaker: Jon Miller, CEO and Co-Founder, Engagio

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 1:30-2:15 p.m.

When it comes to ABM, most of us have a good grasp by now of the “why.” Jon’s session promises to explain the “how.” The former Marketo co-founder and current Engagio CEO knows this changing landscape as well as anyone, and will provide a look at where account-based strategies are heading in the year to come.  

#11 – Getting Personal: Improve Lead Generation With Customer Insights

Speaker: Brian Hood, Digital Director, Intuit ProConnect

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 3:45-4:35 p.m.

Are you talking to your customers, or at them? Too many marketers are stuck in the latter mode, due to a lack of personalization, and lead generation suffers as a result. Intuit ProConnect’s Digital Director will illustrate the ways in which today’s B2B companies can drive business growth by leveraging customer insights and analytics to the fullest.  

#12 – Follow the Fear: Creativity in B2B for Better, Stronger, More Fulfilling Results

Speaker: Tim Washer, Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee, and PowerPoint Comedian, Ridiculous Media

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 3:45-4:30 p.m.

As Ann Handley told Lee in their B2B Spotlight conversation, “I think it’s important to approach our jobs not just as robots but as whole people.” This is very true, and it’s also important for us to approach our prospects and customers as people and not robots. That means speaking to emotion as well as logic. Tim is a master of infusing humor into marketing, and in this session he’ll cover the most powerful emotion of them all. 

We’ll See You at MarketingProfs B2B Forum!

Will attending this conference change your life? We can’t guarantee that. But it will very likely change your marketing strategy for the better, because there will be so very much to learn. That’s an opportunity we’ll be taking seriously (but maybe not too seriously). 

If you can’t make it to B2B Forum in person, be sure to follow our blog for live coverage of the event, including detailed recaps of many of the sessions listed above! And make sure to prep yourself for all the mind-expanding knowledge to come with these 16 B2B marketing fitness tips from the experts.