Brown Dog Gadgets Solar Bug 2.0 Classroom Set, STEM Educational Toy for Kids 10+, Solar Power Science Gift for Home Projects, Classroom and Students, Includes Materials for 25 Projects



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(as of Sep 26,2021 07:28:08 UTC – Details)


Create a solar powered insect that zips around and makes noise!

Learn about solar energy in a fun and creative way! The new solar bug design has students and children 10 years or older creating a simple solar circuit in minutes using only conductive tape! Cut out your bug, decorate it, then add your solar cell and vibrating motor! These bugs will zip around any smooth surface when in direct sunlight and make a silly clattering sound.

Explore how solar power is converted into motion. A 2v solar cell connects directly to a self-stick vibrating motor causing this bug to wiggle around when placed in direct sunlight. This project allows students to flex their creative muscles, while also learning about solar power, motion, and vibration. Personalize your Solar Bugs by painting or coloring the cardstock bodies before assembly.

– Do all light sources produce the same KIND of light?
– Does the distance of a light source from a solar cell affect a solar cell’s output?
– Is there a relationship between temperature of light and solar cell output?

These questions and many more can be answered with this simple-to-assemble learning toy. Just visit the online Project Database to discover the fun-filled tests and trials you can perform with the Solar Bug 2.0. Printable directions in English and Spanish are available online, along with leveled Lesson Plans and Student Activity Sheets.

Each Solar Bug 2.0 Classroom Set includes:
100 Googly Eyes
25 Self Stick Motors
25 Solar Cells
25 Foam Tape Squares
25 Bug Cards 1x 20m Roll 1/4” Maker Tape

* Contains enough materials for 25 solderless projects