Cloth Reusable Cone Coffee Filter (Size #4) – Made in Canada of Hemp and Organic Cotton – Zero Waste, Eco-Friendly, Natural Filter for Drip Coffee Makers



Price: $7.97
(as of Sep 26,2021 03:43:34 UTC – Details)

Pinyon Products believes in the elimination of single use products for a sustainable, zero-waste future. All our products are eco-friendly, and made of entirely natural fibers.

This cone coffee filter can be used hundreds of times! Just dampen the filter before each use and it will achieve nearly the same flow rate as paper, while allowing more of the coffee’s natural oils to flow through, creating a more delicious, smooth tasting coffee. We recommend using your filter with seams facing outwards (inside out) to ensure easier cleaning.

Care instructions:
Upon receiving the product, we recommend you boil it in water for around 3-5 minutes to ensure any debris from the shipping process is cleaned off.
After each use, dispose of the grounds (hopefully through reuse or composting), and rinse the filter with warm water and allow it to air dry.
The filter will naturally become stained over time from the coffee – this is perfectly normal and does not alter taste or performance
Every few weeks we recommend boiling the filter in water for a couple minutes to ensure it performs as good as new.

Dimensions: 5”x 7”

ECO-FRIENDLY COFFEE FILTER: Our filters are all made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton – both responsibly produced, sustainable materials that will last through hundreds of uses.
ZERO WASTE AND MORE AFFORDABLE: Our filters cost around the same as a box of paper coffee filters (or tea filters), but will last far longer, so not only are you taking a small step to stop single use products, but you’re also saving some money in the process. We also use minimal packaging to ensure we keep it green!
HANDMADE WITH CARE IN CANADA: Purchasing from Pinyon Products means you are supporting a small business right here in North America (not a massive overseas manufacturer), and the profits from your purchase go right back into our local economy.
GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR COFFEE: Our cloth filters remove more of the bitter sediment than metal mesh filters that can taint the taste of your delicious coffee, while still allowing more of the natural, decadent oils to pass through than paper filters.
EASY TO CLEAN: Just empty the grounds (hopefully into your compost), rinse and allow to air-dry. For a deeper clean after months of use, boil in some water for 3-5 minutes.