Dabreeze Car Solar Energy Scent Diffuser, Solar Energy Car Air Freshener, Car Interior Decoration Accessories (Black, Ocean)



Price: $25.99
(as of Sep 26,2021 03:23:25 UTC – Details)

Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 45*80mm
Colors: Black, Red, Silver
Materials: Premium Zinc Alloy
Scents: Lemon, Osmanthus, Ocean

1* DaBreeze Car Solar Energy Scent Diffuser
1* Scented Essential Oil
1* Fragrant Slice

【Uniformity and high speed】: With the enhanced aroma engineering system, DaBreeze can distribute aroma efficiently and evenly, bringing pure natural aroma to your car in a few seconds!
【Solar air freshener】: DaBreeze is powered by solar energy. Once in contact with the sun, it will automatically rotate to accelerate the diffusion of fragrance. It is full of technical sense and does not require batteries.
【Long-lasting aroma】: DaBreeze aims to inject scented essence into beech wood chips, which can be recycled and used to bring you a long-lasting aromatic atmosphere.
【Natural formula】: natural plant extract formula, no alcohol, can eliminate any harmful odors, make your daily driving experience higher!
【High-quality materials】: made of high-quality alloy materials, you are not afraid of being exposed to severe cold, and can withstand any temperature from -60°C to 100°C!