Delihom Biodegradable Dinnerware Set 172pcs Eco Friendly Party Supplies Includes Biodegradable Plates Napkins, Cups Forks, Knives and Spoons Compostable Picnic Disposable Set



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Dinnerware Set



Delihom is a homeware brand focus on designing and developing items for whom pursue unique, independence, fashion and environmental with its concept “With Smile to Open Delicate Home!”. Everyone in the world, no matter men or women, regardless of age, sweet smile can make the soul full of self-confidence, let everyone appreciate themselves fundamentally.

172-Piece Disposable Dinnerware Set

Delihom eco party set provides everything you need when picnic or daily meals, Allows you to enjoy fuss-free cleanup and aside more time for you to spend with family and friends.

It’s readily available for 20 friends, guests, or customers in one time. Compared to other plastic sets, it’s more affordable and the same sturdy function to hold all foods.

20 x Cornstarch Forks

20 x Cornstarch Spoons

20 x Cornstarch Knives

20 x Cornstarch Cups

20 x Sugarcane Fiber Dinner Plates 10.25 in

20 x Sugarcane Fiber Appetizer Plates 7 in

50 x Napkins

2 x Tablecloths 84 x 54 in

100% Sugarcane and Cornstarch Fiber

100% Sugarcane and Cornstarch Fiber

Safe for HOT & COLD food

Safe for HOT & COLD food

Sturdy Plates and Utensil Set

Sturdy Plates and Utensil Set

100% Sugarcane and Cornstarch Fiber

Made from natural plant-based materials – plates are made from sugarcane fibers, and forks, knives & spoons are made from cornstarch. All materials are compostable and biodegradable for feel-good entertaining.

It’s completely tree- and plastic-free. Making it a great alternative to traditional plastic or foam tableware. You are protecting our environment and taking action to make a difference.

Safe for HOT & COLD food

These disposable plates can be used for hot or cold food. Heat safe up to 220℉. It’s also microwave and freezer safe, meets your daily meal use purpose.

Note: Hot Foods can cause the plates to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.

Sturdy Plates and Utensil Set

The compostable dinnerware set offers Reliable Strength and PLASTIC-FREE. Oil and cut-resistant. You can slice through meat, tough vegetable, fruits and so on.

DELIHOM 172-Pieces Eco Party Pack

Eco Party PackEco Party Pack

【SERVICES 20 GUESTS】Delihom Disposable Dinnerware Set includes: 20*10.25” Dinner Plates, 20*7” Salad Plates, 20*6.25” Knives, 20*6.25” Forks, 20*6.25” Spoons, 20*12oz Cups, 50 Napkins and 2 Green 84″x54″ Tablecloths. Affordable and convenient for all casual occasions or celebrations: Perfect to serve at your Parties,Picnics, Birthdays, Christmas, Brunch, Camping, Hiking and Barbeques.
【DISPOSABLE & COMPOSTABLE】 Delihom Eco Party Pack is made from eco friendly sustainable materials. All dinnerware is made from renewable and sustainable plant resources: 100% biodegradable bagasse (sugarcane fiber) and corn starch, all contents in the set including packaging are PLASTIC-FREE!
【SAFE FOR HOT AND COLD FOOD】The compostable plates are sturdily made,Heat Resistant and oil proof. cutlery can go from the freezer and microwave.Cups and utensils are designed with a high heat tolerance for hot food without absorbing liquids and softening.
【STURDY DURABLE QUALITY】Our eco friendly dinnerware set gives you a high quality, durable feel while providing a guilt-free disposable solution. The biodegradable plates and compostable cutlery offer reliable strength which hold their shape, prevent leaks and impart no flavor. long lasting and Easy Cleanup.
【OK BIOBASED & BPI CERTIFIED】Enjoy your food with our plant-based tableware for your safety and health. All contents of the Eco Party Pack are designed to degrade and can be composted in a commercial facility operated in accordance with best composting management practices.