SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS Clothesline Fresh Pet Odor Exterminator – Pack of 2



Price: $25.96 - $23.99
(as of Sep 17,2021 16:12:58 UTC – Details)

Pack of 2!
Pet Odor Exterminator 13oz Jar Candles are great for removing odors from smoke, pipe, cigars, all types of tobacco products, cooking, mildew, musty smells and all odors related to our furry and feathered friends. This enzyme formulated candle does what other store bought candles do not, they actually break down and dissolve the components that make up bad odors. This product is not a cover-up! The fragrance from this candle lasts for hours even when it’s not burning and the enzymes continue to eat away at odors. Each 13oz jar candle burns at least 70 hours and all of these products come with 100% money back GUARANTEE!

Pack of 2 – Save Time and Money!
Removes Odors from pets, tobacco, cooking and more…
Actually removes odors and doesn’t just cover them up
Each 13oz jar candle burns at least 70 hours (2 Jars)